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Re: Pushing up daisies...

In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Leandro Dutra wrote:
 > > Does anyone know a quick fix (opening the unit is not an
 > > issue, I replaced
 > 	What about opening the machine, disconnecting the power cable from
 > the hard disk drive, booting from a diskette, and then shutting down the
 > machine?  This should reset the Open Firmware.

The iBook doesn't have a floppy drive :/

It's not actually getting as far as booting any media. I think what I've
done is set the entry point for open firmware to a location in memory that
isn't where OF starts.

Since OF can't start, it can't enter the boot code that starts any OS.
And since the OF variables are stored in flashrom, resetting it could be a

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