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RE: NEWBIE: bootdisk for powermac

> From: Sebastiaan [mailto:sebas@sacred-key.org]
> Is this not strange, I always thought Apple hated M$?

	Many Apple users do, but most depend on M$ Office.

	Now for Apple itself... Gates and Jobs are rumoured to be friends,
and their world views are more similar than people realise.  Both of them
are big-time monopolists - it's just that Jobs has stuck himself as
monopolist of a small niche; both of them have eschewed open systems
whenever possible (Gates dumped Xenix when M$ got enough power, Jobs only
adopted BSD and GNU when he couldn't possibly deliver his own proprietary
solution, for example), both want to be - and are - dirty rich.

	See that M$ hasn't yet dumped Mac Office, but their OS/2
counterparts are long gone into the dustbin of History.

	Anyway the brokenness of OpenFirmware in OldWorld Macs is proof
enough that Apple wasn't really in love with open systems, just used OF
because it needed something working fast - all right, probably the aborted
IBM agreements had something to do with this one.

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