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CD yaboot problems...


I have a Apple Power PC G4 400 MHz computer. I have two partitions on the
harddrive macos extended. I have MacOS 9.1 and MacOS X installed.

I have created a debian 2.2r2 boot cd from an official .iso image. When i
boot and hold the "c" key down the screen just turns white and nothing
happens. When i boot into Open Firmware and type "boot cd:\\yaboot" it boots
the kernel and displays "wrong partition 1" a few times, and then the screen
turns white and displays the following:

Calling QUIESCE...

DO-QUIESCE finishedbooting...

and then the harddrive starts up, and everything freezes somehow. I have
also tried to copy yaboot and the yaboot.conf and the kernel to the root of
my harddrive and boot with this command from open firmware:

boot hd:\\yaboot

But i get the same .. everything stops after displaying the DO-QUIESCE
finishedbooting... but i don't get the "wrong partition 1" messages.

If anyone could help me, PLEASE mail me. I have no other clue how to install
debian on my system since I don't have any floppy.

Best regards

Martin Svensson                            
MA-System Control AB                   
Information Technology

e-mail: martin.svensson@masystem.se
www: http://www.masystem.se

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