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NEWBIE: bootdisk for powermac


the past few days I have been trying to create a boot floppy for my
PowerMac 7300. Now that I have quik working, there is no need for me to
use MacOS, but in case something fails, I must be able to boot from

The installation disk from potato does not react on my keyboard. I know
there is being worked on. I tried to copy my own kernel to the disk in
stead of the original zImage. I tried arch/ppc/boot/zImage,
chrpboot/zImage and several others. When I boot the floppy loads the
image, but the macscreen freezes (the kernel is not booted).

- which image is needed so my mac will boot it


- can I just rawrite a zImage on a floppy and load it with quik (in this
case, what are the OF commands for acces to the drive)


- does anyone know a bootfloppy that works

Thanks in advance


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