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best way to swissgerman keyboard for pismo under 2.4 and XF4?

updated to kernel 2.4.2-pre1 and XF86-4.0.2. But still I have problems with 
all the special charcters which don´t even appear on pismo´s keyboard nor 
external USB-Keyboard.  On i386 I managed the problem with xmodmap, but is 
this still a good way now?
I try changing keymaps, but I cannot bring for example
Control-Shift keycode 33 = bracketleft
does´t work. Is there a switch to enable it or is loadkeys a passed technique?
Somebody told me, that it is even possible to use i386 keymaps, but how?
Thanks for help

 Gerhard Reuteler , Reitweg 26d , A-6830 Rankweil
Tel: 0043 5522 48113

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