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modem not working


I am new to Debian on PowerMac, so I hope my question will be a piece of
cake for you.

I have a powermac 7300, debian potato, fresh compiled kernel 2.4.1 and a
supraexpres 33.6 modem.

The problem: I can not connect the internet. I can call my ISP with
minicom and everything seems to be ok, but when calling in with pon or
wvdial, pppd stops. It seems from the logfiles that the problem is this:

Serial connection established.
ioctl(PPPIOCGFLAGS): invalid argument
tcsetattr: Invalid argument

I do not know if this is modem related, kernel or architecture (ppc). It
worked under YDL (Redhat for PPC) and 2.2.12. I compiled ppp as a module
(including the ppp_generic, ppp_deflate, etc).
I have no problems with 2.4.1 on my i386 machine.

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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