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Re: OF setting for Quik booting in a 7200

Ethan Benson wrote:
> what kernel? the only problems a friend of mine has had is 2.2.15 and
> 2.2.16 14 and 17 work great with quik.  you need to compile with
> CONFIG_BOOTX=n though. (perhaps not on 2.2.18, im (rather he is) not
> going to test it though)
Kernel 2.2.18pre21 from the base2_2.tgz as installed by debian.  OF wouldn't
even load the first stage of Quik.  I gave it the right path, put it kept
failing "cannot open ..."

This was on a Beige g3 and 7200 75Mhz.  I haven't tried the 90 or 120 Mhz 7200s
I have.

Although, 50 MB less and 10 seconds more and I get linux through BootX.

Does bootX have trouble with MacOS 8.0?  It hangs with a black screen when you
try to load kernel during extention loading.  If you wait until the desktop is
loaded, it works fine.  8.5  doesn't have this problem though.

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