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Re: Pismo Trackpad woes

On Thu, 08 Feb 2001, Jonathan Wight wrote:

> How do I stop X from launching at boot time - I tried removing it from my
> /etc/inittab file but it wasn't there to remove...

The "best" way would probably be to put "exit 0" on the second line of
> And how do I get the pismo trackpad to work? Here's a snippet from my
> XF86Config:
>         Device "/dev/usbmouse"

If you're using a kernel >= 2.2.18, this should be "/dev/input/mice". Create
it with:
	mkdir /dev/input
	mknod /dev/input/mice c 13 63

>     Fatal server error:
>     Cannot open mouse (No such device)

This is because new kernels don't support the "old" usbmouse device.

> Which makes me wonder that the trackpad isn't a usbmouse at all...
> (although if I plug a usbmouse in the back of the laptop I still get the
> same errors - so much for deductive reasoning)

The trackpad is an ADB mouse afaik, but if you're using 2.2.18 and the new
input layer, it should be mixed into /dev/input/mice along with any USB

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