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Re: Pismo, external video

Marc Segelken wrote:

> My problem is to get the external video port running under linux
> (2.2.17pre20-ben2 on Pismo). I found some hints in previous mails on
> this list, saying that the kernel options
>    video=map:1 or video=map:10
> are redirecting the output to fb1, which I assume to be the external
> video port.

No it's not. aty128fb doesn't support the external display yet.

> Can anybody tell me, what I have to do to use external monitors on my
> Pismo under linux (and which is the minimum kernel version for this)?

The kernel shouldn't matter. The only way I can think of is to get the XFree86
4.0.2 source, enable the "CRTOnly" option in r128_driver.c, build and use

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