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Interesting machine check during ppp session.

Hi, I've got a weird problem with PPP connections that's beginning to baffle

I've got an iBook that I've never, until now, initiated a PPP connection
with. Kernel 2.4.x fails to connect (from reading the logs it looks as
though the LCP acknowledge packets are being ignored). So I dropped back to
a 2.2.18 kernel.

With both the rsync linux-pmac-stable (2.2.18pre21) tree from ppc.samba.org,
and the vger 2.2.18 kernel, shortly after initiating a connection, any
attempt to use the PPP connection causes a kernel panic and immeadiate
death. It manages to complete the ppp handshaking and reports the IP address
to syslog in the usual fashion.

The connection I'm trying to make is to an ISP over a Nokia 7110, via a
keyspan usb pda connector and a Nokia DLR-3 data cable.

I'm using debian woody + unstable, ppp package ppp-2.4.0f-1. If anyone knows
how to resolve this, I'd be very grateful!


rob                                 off list/ng replies: rob@impure.org.uk

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