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Re: LS-120 drive

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > most of the time. And just fine on my Lombard all of the time. That's
> > > with a 250MB Zip drive on the bus and nothing else, and building the
> > > uhci or usb-uhci drivers as modules instead of builtin seemed to help a
> > > lot with stablity for some reason.
> >
> > interesting, in my case the device is a digital camera that shows up
> > as a mass storage device.  under 2.2 kernels the kernel recognizes the
> > device but never allocates a node to it, under 2.4 it works the same
> > except the device is allocated /dev/sda.  i messed with it for a very
> So does a camera really qualify as a mass storage device then?

Some do, I was also amazed by that. And it makes a lot of sense too, you can
just copy the files to and from.

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