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Re: LS-120 drive

> > most of the time. And just fine on my Lombard all of the time. That's with
> > a 250MB Zip drive on the bus and nothing else, and building the uhci or
> > usb-uhci drivers as modules instead of builtin seemed to help a lot with
> > stablity for some reason.
> interesting, in my case the device is a digital camera that shows up
> as a mass storage device.  under 2.2 kernels the kernel recognizes the
> device but never allocates a node to it, under 2.4 it works the same
> except the device is allocated /dev/sda.  i messed with it for a very

So does a camera really qualify as a mass storage device then? That
strikes me as odd, to say the least. The 2.2 kernel may not like the
response to the fake SCSI inquiry command so it won't allocate a disk


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