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Re: HFS Boot with tbxi-Type OS Chooser

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 10:01:59AM +0200, Andrei Verovski wrote:

> After all, it works, it simple, and it do not require manual editing of 
> open firmware variables, and I use this HFS partition for file exchange, 
> too.

it will usually require manual editing of OpenFirmware since MacOS
will debless fake system folders most of the time.  (don't bother
arguing with me, i get plenty of mail every day about this problem on
OS9 and with fake system folders) 

> Here how to do it. Create small HFS partition and put there fake system 
> folder, yaboot, yaboot.conf and os-chooser. Stripped kernel sits on this 
> partition, checks for hardware and loads installer.

or use ybin which makes things much easier and creates dual boot menus

Ethan Benson

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