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potato + X on iMac Rev A

I am in process of putting Debian 2.2 onto a Rev A iMac and am becoming increasingly confused over its X configuration.

Can anyone contribute frequencies for the built-in monitor on this machine? The claimed vertical refresh is a little higher than I am used to entering and scouring apple.com I can find no suggested hsync values or range. Suggestions, pointers or clues from a working XF86Config file for this box would be very helpful. Where are SuperProbe, VGA and XF86Setup when you need them? :-)

What is the correct x-server for this beast, anyway? I installed the one for the Frame Buffer device, which seemed to be the only likely option listed in dselect and concurred with something I think I read on penguinppc.org. So far no joy - I begin to have doubts about my selection. Running xviddetect suggests mach64, but that doesn't seem to be available for potato on this platform. I suspect it might be there in woody - can anyone confirm or deny?

Since this is all happening across a 56k dial-up connection, I wonder if I might be better to switch to woody now, before installing much more. That way I could avoid a major upgrade later as well as any possible problems with hybrid system in the meantime. From talk here it looks like I might want to go with a 2.4 kernel soon for USB mass storage support, since there is an LS120 drive on the bus. So how stable is the testing dist right now? Are there any other benefits or pitfalls I should know about with running woody for ppc on this machine?


- R

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