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HFS Boot with tbxi-Type OS Chooser


I am managed to install SuSE Linux on my FireWire iBook without much 
trouble (BTW, SuSE 7.0 CD also CANNOT be started on FW iBook, just like 
Debian 2.2r2 CD). However, I am still not giving up Debian. I suggest to 
explore the same technique I used to install SuSE for Debian, please let 
me know what do you think.

After all, it works, it simple, and it do not require manual editing of 
open firmware variables, and I use this HFS partition for file exchange, 

Here how to do it. Create small HFS partition and put there fake system 
folder, yaboot, yaboot.conf and os-chooser. Stripped kernel sits on this 
partition, checks for hardware and loads installer.


Yaboot.conf looks like:

default = linux # (or default = install, during installation)
timeout = 50

image = vmlinux
     label = install
     append = "ramdisk_size=64000 load_ramdisk=1 video=aty128fb:vmode:10"
     initrd = ramdisk.image.gz
     root = /dev/fd0

image = ultra0:10,/boot/vmlinux-2.1.18
     label = linux
    append = "video=aty128fb:vmode:10"
     root = /dev/hda10


OS Chooser is actually TEXT file containing:

iMac,1 PowerMac1,1 PowerBook1,1 PowerMac2,1 PowerMac3,1 PowerBook2,1 
PowerBook3,1 PowerMac2,2 PowerBook2,2 PowerMac3,3 PowerMac5,1 PowerBook3,2
Linux/PPC Yaboot bootloader
" get-key-map" " keyboard" open-dev $call-method
dup 20 dump
5 + c@ 08 = if
" Booting MacOS ..." cr " boot ultra0:9,\\:tbxi" eval
" Booting Yaboot ..." cr " boot ultra0:12,\\yaboot" eval
... blah blah blah

--> Its type/creator should be changed to tbxi/chrp if you want to boot 
Linux. SPACE used during stratup to switch between MacOS and Linux.


lilo.conf (LInux LOader configuration)

boot = /dev/hda12
timeout = 100
default = linux
bootfolder = suseboot

image = /boot/vmlinux
        label = linux
        root = /dev/hda10
        append = "load_ramdisk=1 video=aty128fb:vmode:10  "
other = /dev/hda9
	label = macos

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