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Re: Request: Success reports of using quik to boot an OldWorld Mac

On Thursday 01 February 2001 23:02, Rick Cook wrote:
> Ok,
> I finally got my Power Macintosh 7300 to boot directly into Linux using
> quik.

<snipped the previously reported success story>

> Now, the only down-side. Even though fbset reports (the correct) 1280x1024
> geometry, X, using the "default" Modes, creates a window with a geometry of
> 1280x1638.
> Anyone know what I can do to fix the X modes? I tried doing the "normal"
> XF86Config stuff, setting Monitor sync modes, inserting the fbset defined
> 1280x1024 modeline, selecting 1280x1024 as the Display mode.

Aah, then I read the xserver-fbdev/README.Debian. The fix for the strange 
virtual resolution for me was:

	openvt -c 7 -- fbset 1280x1024-74 -depth 16

Note, I had to use 74 Hz rather than 75 Hz (as reported by fbset) to keep the 
Xserver from crashing.

The good news is I have a "fully functional" Power Macintosh 7300 with no 
MacOS partitions at all.



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