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Re: X on G4 with ATI Rage 128 Pro and LCD Panel

Stefan Kluth wrote:

> I have potato 2.2r2 with kernel 2.2.18pre21 on a 500MHz G4 with an ATI
> Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x and it works fine on the console. I boot with
> video=ofonly. X doesn't work though, and from following this list that
> might be expected. X (as XF68FBDev) does get started by xdm, the screen
> turns white 3 times and then X gives up. Is the ATI Rage 128 Pro just not
> supported? If there is hope within potato and XF3 I will provide the logs
> for debugging.

It may work if you use "current" as mode and depth 8 in XF86Config. Otherwise,
you'll have to use aty128fb instead of video=ofonly.

> Will I have to go to XF4?

Maybe not, but you'll _want_ to ;)

> I am not really willing to go all the way to unstable, so I reckon I have
> either find XF4 .debs for potato (I tried to search, but no luck) or to get
> the sources and compile. If so, is there a recipie somewhere which guides me
> through getting and compiling the deb-sources?

It should build out of the box with dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot, otherwise
ask on the debian-x list.

Another option would be to upgrade to testing and either wait for X4 to get
there or install it manually.


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