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Re: Problem installing debian on G3 beige

On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 04:08:09PM -0900, Ethan Benson wrote:
> anyone else out there with oldworld macs, even if you don't plan to
> use quik it would be helpful if you could test ofpath to see if it
> works on your system. if not send me your device tree so i can add
> support.  

On my beige G3 desktop, ofpath seems to work, e.g.

	[jrm]$ /sbin/ofpath /dev/hda
	[jrm]$ /usr/sbin/ofpath /dev/sda
	[jrm]$ /usr/sbin/ofpath /dev/hdc

This is under BootX.

Incidentally, I have made little or no effort to run quik.  Does it
involve any major risk?

John (MacPhail)

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