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Re: Console or X4 on /dev/fb1?

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> I tried video=map:1 and all I know is that it hung real early, before any
> disk activity.  My kernels are on a zip disk and root on an IDE drive, so I
> can tell when the kernel loading stops and the disk activity starts, but
> can't see any boot messages- nothing appears on fb1.

Don't know what's wrong then, sorry.

> > I'd be very interested in seeing the MIT if I ever go to Boston.
> Sounds good, just give me a few days' notice.

Of course, unfortunately it doesn't look like I get the chance to go there
anytime soon :(


Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)  \  CS student and free software enthusiast
Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc,i386) user \   member of XFree86 and The DRI Project

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