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screen blanking different


anyone know why when the screen blanking comes on on my new pismo...

in console it goes completely black, as if the screen is no longer backlit
(or aty least not as much (the apple on the back of the screen is not
glowing as much)

in X it stays backlit and very bright?

can I change the X behavior? it seems that his is very wasteful of battery
when it could go completely black when it blanks (I dont care for

Hmm an interesting thing is there is one pixel ner the top right that is
blue at all times when the screen is on (ie somehting is being displayed,
including the X screen blanking) it seems to be a hardware fault, I see it
in macos also and in console and X. I am wondering if this is a bad enough
thing that I should ask the dealer to get it fixed by apple. Is it somehting
they would fix? or is it just something I should live with (after all only
one pixel seems to be bad on the display) Any suggestions?

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