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RE: Considering switch back to Linux, some questions

I use Linux (recently debian, used to be linuxppc)
almost exclusively.  When I need to view a
word doc, I fire up mac-on-linux.

This may be changing with an announcement on penguinppc.org
that the star office port is "finished."

My wife, however still prefers the mac interface.

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Subject: Considering switch back to Linux, some questions

I used to run LinuxPPC on my Lombard laptop, now I am running OS X PB, which
is better than the "classic" MacOS, but still chains me to a pretty much
unchangeable system (OTOH, LinuxPPC had/has a nasty habit of using what
appears to be non-standard directory structures). However, there were 2 core
features that were missing (IMO) from Linux at the time I was running it --
power management and location manager. Do these features exist today with
the l8est Debian release?

I was also wondering if people were dual-booting their Macs, or using
Mac-on-Linux, or just ignoring MacOS software completely. The only MacOS
software I use (currently) that do not appear to have a PPC/Linux equivalent
are MS Office products (my understanding is that there is no StarOffice/PPC
version -- at least I was unable to find one downloadable at Sun, and the
only reason I need Office is to read documents sent to my by co-workers) and
games -- and the only important one is the games (at least to me).

Thanks for any insights.

Bruce E. Sturgen
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A compromise is a solution that is mutually inconvenient to all parties
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