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Re: Considering switch back to Linux, some questions

Could you wrap the text in e-mail please? Aside from the inconvenience of
wrapping your lines manually in order to quote on reply, not all mail
transfer agents may accept long lines.

> I used to run LinuxPPC on my Lombard laptop, now I am running OS X PB,
> which is better than the "classic" MacOS, but still chains me to a
> pretty much unchangeable system (OTOH, LinuxPPC had/has a nasty habit
> of using what appears to be non-standard directory structures).
> However, there were 2 core features that were missing (IMO) from Linux
> at the time I was running it -- power management and location manager.
> Do these features exist today with the l8est Debian release?

Power management exists in the kernel, supported by the user space PMU
daemon (pmud) that's available in unstable (though it should install fine
on a stable system).

Location manager - I use a simple shell script to switch between locations
/ profiles by changing symlinks to a couple of config files, plus
stopping/starting network services. I'd wish for something easier to
configure (either keeping one config file per location with all settings
in them, or some graphical tool to edit the configurations), and
supposedly LinuxPPC's linuxconf does this, I just haven't got it to work.

A proper location manager would be a nice project for someone. But perhaps
it's been done already, I didn't really bother searching too long.
> I was also wondering if people were dual-booting their Macs, or using
> Mac-on-Linux, or just ignoring MacOS software completely. The only

All of the above. I'm dual booting using yaboot (though a BootX copy is
still installed so I always get a second chance to boot Linux should I
accidentially boot MacOS), use MoL wherever possible (Appletalk
fileservers don't play nice with MoL for me). Most of the time I can
ignore MacOS though.

> MacOS software I use (currently) that do not appear to have a 
> PPC/Linux equivalent are MS Office products (my understanding is that
> there is no StarOffice/PPC version -- at least I was unable to find
> one downloadable at Sun, and the only reason I need Office is to read
> documents sent to my by co-workers) and games -- and the only
> important one is the games (at least to me).  

OpenOffice supposedly was ported recently but it seems to be pretty
bloated. No binaries available yet.


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