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Re: xserver-xfree86: 4.0.1-11 vs. 4.0.1-12

Phil Fraering wrote:

> Hi. I noticed when I last did an update that the version
> of xserver-xfree86 is still 4.0.1-10 in the binary version,
> but that the source archive is 4.0.1-11; also, Branden mentioned
> that he's compiling 4.0.1-12.
> Did you mean to say 11? I suspect that 4.0.1-12 will probably be
> ready before I could download the 50 megs of source and compile
> 11, but if I downloaded and compiled 11, would it work?
> Is it an x86-only upgrade, more or less?
> How long did the compile take?

Over the last few weeks, XF4 binary debs have shown up very soon after the
sources (within a day or two it seems), so I haven't bothered building them.

> Finally, the iBook is currently set up to not use anything but the
> standard debian repositories (potato, woody, proposed updates...).
> I don't have any of the "extra" sites for gnome and the like in
> sources.dist, because I figured sticking with standard debian would
> make for a more stable and easier-to-upgrade, less-conflicts setup.
> I have noticed, however, that sawfish seems to be absent; all they
> have is a .20 version of sawmill. What's up?

potato froze very early, when GNOME was not at 1.1.90 and sawmill was still that
wm's name.

To get the latest stuff on a potato system you can either download the binary
.debs and install by hand, or add a woody source line to your sources.list and
do "fakeroot apt-get --compile source <package>".  The other option is to
upgrade to woody in sources.list and hold all but the few packages you want to
upgrade, and hope the upgraded packages work. :-)

BTW, anyone know why the woody GNOME stuff isn't being autobuilt?  I've built
from source and gtkhtml is the only thing I can't get to work, some sources have
built fine for two months but don't have ppc .debs.  (Some have mentioned
trouble with eog and another app or two, I haven't tried those.)  I've submitted
Build-Depends for most of them to make up for maintainers' lack of interest,
maybe that's why they weren't being built before?

Just built Nautilus yesterday- it's beautiful!


-Adam P.

              Welcome to the best software in the world today cafe!

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