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Re: XF4 on Mach64 and 2.2 kernel?

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> Then I tried startx using XF86Config.new, but got the message that it
> needed a Driver line in the Device section.  So I copied the line
> ``Driver "fbdev"'' from the Screen section to the Device section.
> This time it blanked the screen and locked the machine hard.  Oops.

You need to add a bus ID to the device section, e.g.

    BusID "PCI:0:16:0"

> And my default runlevel is 5, so of course it blanked and locked hard again
> when gdm started at the end of the reboot.  Double oops. :-)
> (I got out of it by booting with init=/bin/bash and reset the runlevel
> to 2, so that's not a problem any more.)

I'd have booted with single to go into runlevel S.


Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)  \  CS student and free software enthusiast
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