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Re: mixer support on dmasound

Rob Andrews wrote:

> In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
>  > package which makes it work on internal speakers too.  If you're interested, I
>  > can send it.  But first try gmix and see if any of the sliders change the volume
>  > for you.
> They don't for me - I'd be interested to see your patch ;)

Here it is, against gnome-core_1.0.55-1 (patch -0 within the directory) but should
work against -2 (current potato version).  Also see bug #63215 which was
(supposedly) closed by the upload of the gnome-applets 1.2.0-1 source package.  (Any
woody users care to comment on whether it works?)

-Adam P.

                 Welcome to the best software in the world today cafe!
--- applets/mixer/mixer.c.bak	Wed Apr 26 18:45:20 2000
+++ applets/mixer/mixer.c	Wed Apr 26 18:47:25 2000
@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@
 	tvol = (vol << 8) + vol;
 /*g_message("Saving mixer value of %d",tvol);*/
 	ioctl(mixerfd, MIXER_WRITE(SOUND_MIXER_VOLUME), &tvol);
+	ioctl(mixerfd, MIXER_WRITE(SOUND_MIXER_SPEAKER), &tvol);
 static void

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