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Re: mixer support on dmasound

Rob Andrews wrote:

> In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Keun-woo Ryu wrote:
>  > I can't use mixer on my ibook.
>  > Is there anyone uses mixer on dmasound?
>  > Can I control volumn?
> I'm getting the same thing too, but since I only use xmms, I've resorted to
> setting the preamp to lower the volume.

I'm using dmasound on stock 2.2.15 from kernel.org, and the mixer works fine.
(Tried aumix, gmix, gnome mixer panel applet.)

Oh- the panel applet doesn't work on the internal speakers out-of-box, only on
external speakers.  I have a one-line patch against the gnome-core source
package which makes it work on internal speakers too.  If you're interested, I
can send it.  But first try gmix and see if any of the sliders change the volume
for you.


-Adam P.

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