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Re: mixer support on dmasound

"ACP" == Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> writes:

   ACP> Here it is, against gnome-core_1.0.55-1 (patch -0 within
   ACP> the directory) but should work against -2 (current potato
   ACP> version).  Also see bug #63215 which was (supposedly)
   ACP> closed by the upload of the gnome-applets 1.2.0-1 source
   ACP> package.  (Any woody users care to comment on whether it
   ACP> works?)

Sure.  On my Powercenter 132 with gnome-applets 1.2.1-1, the mixer
applet controls only work for the line-out jack and have no effect
on the internal speaker.  To control the internal speaker volume,
I have to start gmix and adjust the ``Spkr'' slider -- the ``Vol''
slider also only affects the line-out jack.  (The ``Line'' slider
in gmix doesn't affect anything, as far as I can tell.  I have no
idea what ``Pcm2'' is meant for, either.)


P.S.  See also Bug #71681, ``gnome-applets: mixer_applet should
work on PowerMac/PowerPC'', a wishlist bug I filed against
gnome-applets that is marked as being forwarded upstream.  You
might want to reopen your bug and assign it to gnome-applets, or
send your patch to the bug I filed.

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