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debuild problems (too many levels of symbolic links)


I have debian 2.2 installed on a powermac (powercenter pro w/G3
upgrade card). I find that 'debuild' fails to build a lot of source
packages. The error seems to occur whenever the debian/rules script
invokes 'test'. Here is an error I see when I attempt to build gawk. I
have truncated the output a bit:

  dpkg-source: building gawk using existing gawk_3.0.4.orig.tar.gz
  dpkg-source: building gawk in gawk_3.0.4-4.diff.gz
  dpkg-source: building gawk in gawk_3.0.4-4.dsc
   debian/rules build DEB_BUILD_ARCH=powerpc DEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU=powerpc
   DEB_HOST_ARCH=powerpc DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU=powerpc
   DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM=linux DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE=powerpc-linux
  test -f gawkmisc.c -a -f debian/rules
  make: execvp: test: Too many levels of symbolic links
  make: *** [build] Error 127
  debuild: fatal error at line 293:
  dpkg-buildpackage failed: Illegal seek

The error is strange, gawkmisc.c is a hard link.

Any ideas what the problem might be? Kernel is 2.2.18pre11-ben1 from
linuxppc.org, it was built on this same machine.


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