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Re: mixer support on dmasound

>I can't use mixer on my ibook. 
>Is there anyone uses mixer on dmasound? 
>Can I control volumn?
>updong:~# uname -a
>Linux updong 2.2.17pre10-ben3 #2 Fri Jul 21 00:42:09 PDT 2000 ppc unknown
>updong:~# lsmod
>Module                  Size  Used by
>dmasound               30176   0  (unused)
>updong:~# dmesg | grep sound
>DMA sound driver installed, using 4 buffers of 32k.

I beleive you are using the "hacked" dmasound driver for iBook. This
driver can't access any of the sound chip controls. You can't change the
volume, the sample rate, the sample size,... All it can do is blast
samples to the chip via the DMA channel and "hope" the chip is configured
properly. That's why it's a hack ;)


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