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Getting PB G3 modem working, and others.


I'm not currently subscribed to this list due to not haveing an Internet
connection at home, so please CC to me.  Thanks.

I'm having a few problems with Debian 2.2 powerpc.  I have it installed on a
Powerbook G3 500 Firewire.  It runs quite nicely, except for a few things. 
This is the first time I've run Debian an a non-i386 machine, so please bear
with me and enlighten me if I say something stupid.

1.  I can't get the modem to work.  dmesg says that the kernel does find the
cobalt modem at /dev/tty00, irq 22, port some hex number.  A "setserial
/dev/ttyS0" finds the same thing, with an unknown UART.  "cat
/proc/tty/drivers" give a list of the ttys with the following line:

unknown /dev/ttyS 4 64-68 serial

or something like that.  (I should have written it down...)  But whenever I
run minicom, it says that "/dev/ttyS0: file or directory does not exist".  But
the nodes are there in /dev.  So I'm at a lost.  Any help would be

2. IR port.  The answer to 1. will probably help here, too.  I need to find
out about the hardware for the IR port.  I'm guessing that it uses the IrCOMM
protocal, since the macserial driver finds the port.  Is there any other
information that I should know?  There was some problem with one of the IrDA
packages.  I couldn't remove it or configure it...

3. Getting a USB mouse working under 2.2.  Pointing anything to /dev/usbmouse
doesn't get anything.  Anything special that I should do?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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