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Re: Getting PB G3 modem working, and others.

> or something like that.  (I should have written it down...)  But whenever I
> run minicom, it says that "/dev/ttyS0: file or directory does not exist".  But
> the nodes are there in /dev.  So I'm at a lost.  Any help would be
> appreciated.

Get a more recent version of minicom. The modem needs quite a long delay
between powerup (on device open) and the first command sent to it, and
minicom gives up a bit too soon. 

> 3. Getting a USB mouse working under 2.2.  Pointing anything to /dev/usbmouse
> doesn't get anything.  Anything special that I should do?

What 2.2 kernel, and what does ls -l /dev/usbmouse show (please follow
symbolic links on this...)?


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