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Re: pmud and gkrellm on tcp???

Chris Leishman wrote:

> I really don't know why I'm bothering to reply to this.

Because you are a nice person, I guess.

It is 11:30pm in here, and I happened to have a fairly bad day.
I believe you just felt a little wave of it. If you can hold it,
here is a little explanation/apology.

This morning, a gang of about 10 people attacked me right
outside of my home. I managed to escape, call the police and
make my way to the office. Last week, at all far from home,
a fellow has been killed by a similar gang. Probably the same
gang that bothered me. So, back in the office, I find myself
wandering about the meaning of life. I did not feel safe before,
as we all know about this gang, the police does not help, and
this all is stressing me a lot. But this is only on top of my
deadlines at work. But why am I telling you this? Ah, the
computer. So, I am back in the office, and checking mails etc.
I do not remember the reason why I did it, but I nmapped
the machine. We are security freek in here... The program
reports an "unknown" service in a port. Red alert, once again.
Then I check the port. I see pmud and gkrellm attached to it.
I think it is the weather plugin. I remove the plugin, then nmap
again. The service is still there!!!  I do not remember of any
"unknown" service in my machine, as we do take security
seriously in here and I must know exactly what is given
and why. Have a look at my Debian page for it. So, in
"normal" conditions, I would have filed a report to
debian-security, then track it down in fine detail and see
if it is dangerous. But I am already on flames, also because
I am very fond of pmud and gkrellm.

I am upset OK? See you around... .


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