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Re: pmud and gkrellm on tcp???

>> Why in hell one needs tcp code in the snooze code in the first place?

>On another note, you may wish to reconsider your choice of tone in
>future emails.

 Oh, sweet heart.. I did not mean to be rude! I ONLY have the status
 of my machine BROADCASTED by a tcp/ip service!!!

> The authors of these programs have done so without pay, benefit or
> training, and should be respected for that.

 Oh really? Let us have a nice gkrellm plugin, and may be also some
 nice kernel routines and cool packages that broadcast the content of
 my monitor via an "unknown" tcp/ip service. On the same principle of
 pmud, why not putting the mail of the whole system on a tcp/ip
 service, so that clients can connect to it and read it! And let be
 all excited about it! ARE WE NUTS???

 So much for security and control over an UNIX system!!!


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