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Re: pmud and gkrellm on tcp???

> >So it can't be reached from other than the localhost.
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>  Well that has to be shown.

Do the math yourself. Connect to port 879 from the ethernet / PPP
interface. I get 'connection refused' as it should be. 
>  I do not want my pmud to listen to tcp/ip requests. Is there any way
>  that I can disable this bug? 

Short of recompiling with the port 879 bind/listen disabled? No. And I
don't think this is required. I'm in no mood to summarize the argument on
that point again - pmud is only accessible to the local user, and it
_should_ be accessible to the local user. If you can't trust the local
user not to put your machine to sleep (that's all they can do), tough

BTW: pmud listening to commands (like 'sleep' or 'power') on a socket is a
feature, not a bug. The benefits of this feature outweigh the potential
risk for typical laptop computer use. 

> Still I want to use gkrellm with pmud.

So gkrellm / Batmon / whatever needs to communicate with pmud. I don't
know what mechanism gkrellm uses, but pmud ships with Batmon and that
happens to use the TCP port 879 on localhost both to read status and send
the sleep command. Disabling that would render Batmon non functional. Not
a good thing. IMHO. 

So if you're happy with just reading status via a fifo, go ahead and
disable the TCP code. If you can come up with a safer method to send
commands to pmud, submit a patch to the pmud maintainer (Stephan
Leemburg). Please don't send any patches on this issue to me. 
Same for patches to disable the TCP code via a config option.
If he accepts these changes, they will appear in the next Debian release
of pmud. If he doesn't accept, you're free to distribute your own package.
The GPL explicitly allows this. 


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