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Re: pmud and gkrellm on tcp???

> >On another note, you may wish to reconsider your choice of tone in
> >future emails.
>  Oh, sweet heart.. I did not mean to be rude! I ONLY have the status
>  of my machine BROADCASTED by a tcp/ip service!!!

get some perspective.  It is doubtful someone can use reading the pmu
to hack into your machine.  Of course, you should portscan your
machine - as you've done.  Setup a firewall while you're at it, also
available *for free with DebianPPC*.  If you're so concerned, don't 
run pmud and/or *write true apm support yourself*.

>  So much for security and control over an UNIX system!!!

You do have control, don't use pmud.  If you still have doubts
run OpenBSD and go flame some perfectly nice people on that list
instead of this one.


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