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Re: XFBDev problem

> > > I didn't compile the whole package myself, only Ani's ati driver, the
> > > rest was installed from rpm (yeah, making this more appropriate for 
> > 
> > Make sure the rpm was for 4.01 not 4.0 - 4.01 drivers don't mix with 4.0 X
> > servers.
> > 
> Yes, it's the 4.0.1-0.36a build from Franz Sirl. I just managed to clear 
> 200MB of disk space for the build and reinstall from source. Same symptoms 
> so far, but then I did some more experimenting and it turned out that it
> rather seems to be an application-specific problem:
> Under Window Maker, XF4 crashes frequently. Same w/ gnome and any wm. 
> AfterStep, Blackbox and Enlightenment by themselves are stable, FVWM and
> Sawmill probably as well.

Gnome with Enlightenment used here (from thr fall 1999 release) and no
stability problems whatsoever. 

> Furthermore, the crashes under wmaker seem actually to be caused by one of
> the dockable applets. I've shut off wmload, wmcpu and friends, and currently
> three X sessions are running on my Lombard (as, e and wmaker), for 1-5
> hours now including some heavy use of mtvp and GL animations.

Sounds normal :-)
> I'll try to single out the culprit among the wmaker applets, maybe a 
> recompile of the app will fix it.

Shouldn't be necessary - but maybe one of the applets ignores a protocol
error sent by the X server and just keeps on talking. Even this should not
bring down the server though.


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