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Re: Please test: pmud 0.7-2 in unstable (was: Re: pmud 0.7-1)

>Ben, do you happen to know which package your trackpad tool belongs to?
>I've added a 'show' option to make it report the current settings to help
>catch problems with the trackpad state restore in future. 

I don't know... but send me the new version so I can put it on my page.

>That's why I said I can't imagine speeding it up. The whole wakeup
>notifier call chain would have to be split into one part to run immediatly
>on wakeup, and another to run in some task queue or botton half. Yuck. 

Well, we'll probably be able to improve things anyway with the current
design. But that will be only once we have a _stable_ implementation that
works on all powerbooks. I'm still fighting against Core99 sleep.

>Does MacOS X not run on the 3400 then? 

They removed support... (too buggy ASICs ?)
>> For now, I still have to figure out how to make sleep actually work on
>> the Core99 machines (still losing RAM content for now).
>Good luck with that - I'd say that's a higher priority job than threaded
>wakeup :-) We can float that idea on l-k just for fun. 
>Does the sleep function on the Pismo stop memory refresh (or slow refresh
>down too much)? 

Dunno. I'm doing more or less the same thing Darwin does, and it works in
Darwin... I beleive something is preventing UniNorth from going to sleep


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