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Re: Please test: pmud 0.7-2 in unstable (was: Re: pmud 0.7-1)

>No G3, no luck ;)
>BTW, as a 3400 and pmud user, I can report that I had to comment out the
>the hdparm lines from pwrctl to get reliable operation.  Also, I had
>problems with pmud spontaneously shutting off the network on me (there was
>some low power state in pwrctl that did that) that I also commented out.
>I haven't tried updating to pmud 0.7, I'm still using an aliened version
>of 0.6 rpm.  I'm not going to unstable anytime soon, based on the postings
>I've seen ;)

I beleive it's good to avoid the NAP mode. Any driver doing DMA (network,
IDE, ...) will have _much_ problems with NAP mode since it disables cache


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