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Re: Building PPC Kernel

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 10:27:35PM -0400, Eric Reischer wrote:
> OK I just got done reading through IBM's sketchy information pages, and it 
> appears as though I need to build a 2.4 kernel in order to be able to boot 
> off of my RS-6000 43P 240 machine.  Can I build a kernel for a PPC 
> architecture on an i386 machine, or do I have to find (fat chance) a 
> powerpc machine to build the kernel on?  Better yet, does anybody have a 
> pre-compiled PPC kernel version 2.4?

you could build a cross compiler for powerpc, i once looked into doing
this when i was stuck with linuxppc and its broken compiler, i decided
waiting until i could get debian installed was a better idea ;-) (iow
its a royal pain)

i assume you can build an RS-6000 kernel on any powerpc machine
including macs right?  id build one for you (or let you build it
yourself) but i have a slow connection and no 2.4 source trees

Ethan Benson

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