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Re: Building PPC Kernel

At 10:38 PM 10/11/00 , Ethan Benson wrote:
On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 10:27:35PM -0400, Eric Reischer wrote:
> OK I just got done reading through IBM's sketchy information pages, and it
> appears as though I need to build a 2.4 kernel in order to be able to boot
> off of my RS-6000 43P 240 machine.  Can I build a kernel for a PPC
> architecture on an i386 machine, or do I have to find (fat chance) a
> powerpc machine to build the kernel on?  Better yet, does anybody have a
> pre-compiled PPC kernel version 2.4?

you could build a cross compiler for powerpc, i once looked into doing
this when i was stuck with linuxppc and its broken compiler, i decided
waiting until i could get debian installed was a better idea ;-) (iow
its a royal pain)

i assume you can build an RS-6000 kernel on any powerpc machine
including macs right?  id build one for you (or let you build it
yourself) but i have a slow connection and no 2.4 source trees

Well, I'm assuming that it would work, just as long as it uses the PowerPC arch for the build. I tried using IBM's config file they provide at http://oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/linux/projects/ppc/con fig.power3, but when I did the make it blew up when it went to compile in 'offb.c' with about 2 dozen errors. I did notice that it was running gcc with the args '-march=i686', which can't be doing anything good here. If you want to try to build a kernel then cheers to you.....you'll probably be the first other than IBM to be able to do it, and I'd be very grateful. Kernel sources are at ftp.kernel.org under the v2.4 folder. The most recent one is 2.4.0-test9. My last resort would be to pester the hell out of IBM until they give me some type of response, because we're renting these machines from them and as of now they are just chewing up our money......


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