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Re: problem booting from sda during installation

> bothering you again, hope you won't mind. My mouse is really not working.

Make sure you have ADB mouse support compiled in. Recent development
kernels (including BenH's) require patches for the adbmouse driver to

> PC). Also man XF86Config is not working. Infact the man command just hangs

There's no such tool for PPC. Edit the config file manually. Use vmode and
fbset -x to find valid modes for your hardware to use in XF86Config. 

(Please read the vmode and fbset man pages to find out how, or browse the
list archives or c.o.l.powerpc archives, I'm sure you'll find a detailed

> if the manual page is not there (there is no error message).
> And where is "BenH's" web page? I'm new to the list.



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