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Re: porting troubles

> > Using Wine _is_ x86 specific in the sense that Wine emulates enough of
> > the
> > Windows low level API to let x86 code including DLLs run on Linux. To my
> > knowledge, there is no port of Wine to another architecture. You cpould
> > argue Wine can be run under some x86 emulator - does making Windows apps
> > run on VirtualPC constitute a Linux port?
> Yes, using wine -as an emulator- is x86 specific. Using wine as what it's 
> intended in the first place, a library, is not x86 specific. As long as you are 

That's winelib (which I may have mentioned in passing, as in 'Corel didn't
use winelib but wine') for all I understand. Porting using winelib would
be fine, but that would make all the DLLs disappear, wouldn't it? 


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