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Re: 3dfx accelerated XF4.01 in Potato

Pepijn Bruienne wrote:

> I followed the instructions to install XFree86 4.01 with the current
> development drivers (through rsync) for tdfx support as listed on
> penguinppc.org/usr/xf4. After a compile and a full recompile (the first
> attempt made a total mess of the Debian install) I now am able to get
> XFree86 up and running, however with severe artifacts. Windows do not draw
> fully, and when moved do not redraw correctly or at all.

While this may be a tdfx driver problem (Kostas Gewrgiou is working on it for
PPC, don't know about the current state), it may also be a missing line

    Load "extmod"

in the XF86Config Module Section.

> I got the mouse to work while the keyboard is still very confused about what
> to do, and basically is useless for any typing (alt, cmd, control all turn
> on the caps lock for example.)

Have you tried Option "XkbDisable" in the keyboard section? Or maybe you just
need to configure Xkb.

It might be helpful if you posted your XF86Config and maybe the server log or
put them up somewhere for us to look at.


Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)  \  CS student and free software enthusiast
Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc,i386) user \   member of XFree86 and the DRI project

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