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Re: 2.4 kernel

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 01:50:14AM +0000, Cameron Berkenpas wrote:
> I can't seem to create a working 2.4 kernel in debian ppc.
> Maybe the problem is that boot X doesn't support 2.4 kernels?
> I would like to have a working 2.4 kernel so I could get a voodoo3 and
> actually have X running at a decent speed on my starmax 4000/200 at the
> high res I put it on.

maybe i missed something by why does th kernel version matter here?  i
would think you might need XFree4 but why kernel 2.4test ?

> Also, I'd rather avoid using MacOS together, it's possible to have li8nux
> bootable without macos using the open firmware? How do I access the open
> firmware?

yes, it can be done usually, its somewhat more difficult with oldworld
macs since their OF implementation really sucks.  you need the quik

to access OF hold down command option o f.  on many oldworld machines
you need to change the output device variable to your video card or
else use a serial terminal (you may have to use  terminal anyway if OF
does not support your video card)

Ethan Benson

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