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Re: debain-powerpc: exim, zmailer, SSL.

 The easiest thing to do, in order to receive and send email safely,
 is to ssh on the machine, then run a text mail client. You may play
 around for a different solution, but the underlying problems will not
 be solved. To quickly see my point here, think about the SPAM and the
 blacklisting phenomenon. The present situation, as I understand it,
 is that the MTA does not certify the sender. This is what triggers
 the SPAM relay problem, the need for blacklisting and the consequent
 impediment to send emails as user@your.brand.com via say, aol.com.
 Using SSL sounds good, but is not standard and is not that easy.


>Brendan J Simon wrote:
>I've setup an email server on a PowerMac G4 for some people at work.  I
>used exim and it seems to work pretty well.  To receive email from
>outside the company some kind of security is needed.

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