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debain-powerpc: exim, zmailer, SSL.

I've setup an email server on a PowerMac G4 for some people at work.  I
used exim and it seems to work pretty well.  To receive email from
outside the company some kind of security is needed.  Forgetting about
VPNs for now, I thought that SSL might be the way to go.  It seems exim
doesn't have any SSL support but I noticed zmailer does.  I tried
installing zmailer-ssl and it gave me the following error:
"No /etc/zmailer/db//smtp-policy.src input file"

Should I be worried about this error ?
Why do I get this error when installing for the first time ?  Is the
package broken ?

zmailer claims to be faster and able to handle more traffic than exim,
though does say that exim is more than adequate for most users.  I'm
running a mail server that will serve between 10-20 people.  I think
exim would be fine but I would like to have the ssl option.

Is there any SSL options for exim ?
Are there any other mail servers with SLL support ?
Has anybody got any comments (good or bad) on exim and/or zmailer ?

Brendan Simon.

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