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Re: yaboot dual boot problems

Ethan wrote:
> i think your OpenFirmware configuration is fscked...

Last night I had made sure (using "which ybin", "which mkofboot", and
"which ofpath") that the new 0.21 binaries were the ones being found.
I deleted the old binaries entirely before running mkofboot...and I
_did_ run "mkofboot -v", as you suggested -- and answered "Y" when it
asked to create an hfs filesystem, so the old stuff in Apple_Bootstrap
should have been obliterated.

The magicboot variable was even pointing to the new ofboot.b script,
and I repeated this in its entirety, zapping the nvram exactly as
you describe here:

> 3) shutdown your mac, and hold down command option p r while booting 
> it, keep these keys down till it reboots itself 3 times. 

The results were the same...I also incorporated Matt Brubeck's suggestion
of setting the boot-device parameter like this:

       setenv boot-device hd:5,ofboot.b

After using this setting, when I type "boot" (in OF, after doing this
setenv incantation), it gives the same error as before:

       can't OPEN: hd:5,yaboot

I take this to mean that the ofboot.b wrapper is being executed, and
that it is, in turn, trying to execute yaboot to bring up linux but
is unable to open the yaboot file.

I noticed that I can traceroute all the way to them.org today, so I'm
going to grab the two debs (ybin & powerpc-utils), remove the stuff in
/usr/local/sbin, and see if the proper "nvsetenv" is able to make the
difference between failure and success.

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