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Re: Helix GNOME, report of compilation, 2nd edition

On Wed, Jul 19, 2000 at 11:23:22AM +0200, hadess@writeme.com wrote:
> I've compiled everything in Helix Code and Evolution, but still 2 packages won't 
> be included:

> - gtk-themes, because of the Stone engine being already compiled for x86 in the 
> source package.

Sigh, I thought I had fixed that. I'll have a fixed source package up
asap, and will let you know when it is done.

> - Abiword, I really couldn't get it to compile.

Abiword's build process is extremely nasty. It took a lot of work to
build here, and I'm not too surprised that you are having problems. Is
there anything I can help with?

> - gnumeric and gnome-iconedit use liboaf _at compile-time_, should be added to 
> the building pre-requisites

This should not be the case. We don't use oaf as part of Helix GNOME,
and our gnumeric and gnome-iconedit binaries are not linked against

You may want to remove liboaf-dev before building gnumeric and
gnome-iconedit. It is possible that they are enabling oaf support when
they find that package installed.

> - liboaf-dev and libgnome-dev both contain /usr/share/idl/gnome-factory.idl, the 
> problem is likely to be in the upstream release

Yes, the problem is upstream. I'm not quite sure how to resolve it at
the moment.

> - glade-gnome is missing Priority and Section fields

Perhaps you could help with this. apt-get source glade, then look at
the control file. The fields are definitely there, though lintian
complains about the final deb. I haven't figured out how to fix it.


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