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Re: Dual boot - MacOS / Debian

On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 11:45:36PM -0700, David Brown wrote:
> Goodness, it isn't that hard.

perhaps not, but i have found the moment you say anything about
modifiying openfirmware people start screaming and running away in
panic.  there is just too much FUD from linuxppc about quik (and OF by

> You can put yaboot, and its config file at the top level of the boot
> partition.  Boot the script there too (pick the one that lets you select
> macos).  Then just set your boot device to "hd:,\\yaboot".  Since the file
> is specified explicitly in in OF, it doesn't need to be blessed, and it
> doesn't matter if it gets unblessed.  The only real difficulty to this is
> that changing the yaboot.conf file has to be done on the MacOS partition
> (the kernels are on ext2fs, and nothing needs to be run when they change).

why do it this way when you don't have to?  i would much prefer not
needing to set OpenFirmware to non-standard settings just to get linux
to boot properly.  and besides that what if OF gets reset down the
road and you don't happen to remmeber the right incantation to get it
working again?  if you follow my instructions this is simply never an
issue, linux and your optional dual boot script are gaurenteed to load
with Apple factory OF settings.  just like macos.  (just like an intel
box with lilo for that matter)  [unless you are not using the default
IDE hard disk]

Ethan Benson

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