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iBook video (WAS: PPC on a G4)

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40@calva.net> wrote:

> - You may be using BootX instead of yaboot. This makes the kernel
>unreliable on
>recent machines
> - The gmac driver may, under certain circumstances, corrupt things in
>memory. A new
>driver fixing all known problems exist, it's not yet broadly available,
>but it is
>in my rsync tree that you can obtain with the following command
>  mkdir benh_kernel
>  cd benh_kernel
>  rsync -arvz linuxcare.com.au::linux-pmac-benh .
>I'll post precompiled kernels one of these days (I still need to cleanup
>a few things, beware that this kernel contain experimental stuffs). This
>version should show up soon in Paul Mackerras rsync tree
>(linuxcare.com.au::linux-pmac-stable) soon.

Note also that this kernel version (I don't know for Paul's) also has
working video driver on the iBook, no need to be limited to offb 256
colors anymore. (Thanks to 'Mike' Michal Palczewski who found the problem)


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